Toddler Proof Safety Locks – Adjustable Drawer and Cabinet Locking Straps


The Toddler Safety Locks provide an easy way to childproof cabinets, drawers, appliances and more around your home. The adjustable straps adhere securely inside with strong tape to keep curious toddlers out of unsafe areas. No tools or hardware required for installation. Just stick the straps inside cabinets and drawers, then press the lock box over them when closed. The discreet design blends into your existing décor seamlessly. Give your toddler a safe space to explore while keeping dangers locked away.

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Adjustable Drawer and Cabinet Locking Straps


The Toddler Proof Safety Locks are adjustable locking straps that childproof drawers, cabinets, and appliances in your home. The flexible straps adhere securely to keep curious little ones away from hazards.
Keep your little ones safe with these multi-purpose child safety locks.
The adjustable strap design secures cabinets, drawers, appliances and more to protect curious toddlers.
Crafted from durable ABS plastic with strong 3M adhesive backing for a secure hold.
Flexible straps adjust from 7.5″ down to 4.5″ to fit most handles and knobs.

The smart triangular lock box ensures only parents can access locked areas. Installs in seconds without tools or hardware for a non-damaging solution. Simply adhere the straps to inside cabinets and drawers.
To open, press the side buttons on the lock box to release the strap.
Can be removed cleanly when no longer needed.
Give your child a safe environment to explore and yourself peace of mind. Use these clever locks to secure chemicals, sharp objects, breakables and other hazards in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and more.
Discreet appearance blends into existing décor.
Never worry about curious toddlers getting into places they shouldn’t.
These multi-functional safety straps provide adjustable, adhesive-based childproofing for all drawers, cabinets and appliances in your home.

Mother installing toddler safety locks on drawers in nursery

How to Use

  1. Clean surface where strap will adhere
  2. Remove adhesive backing 
  3. Apply strap to inside of cabinet/drawer
  4. Close and press lock box over strap  
  5. To open, press side buttons on lock box


✔️Keeps chemicals, sharp objects secured
✔️Gives toddlers a safe space to explore
✔️Provides peace of mind for parents
✔️Easy to install in seconds, no tools required
✔️Clean removal, won’t damage furniture
✔️Blends into existing décor

Child safety locks securing refrigerator and oven handles


Adjustable 7.5” – 4.5” straps fit most knobs and handles

Strong 3M adhesive backing for solid hold

Triangular ABS plastic lock box releases strap

Tool-free installation, no hardware or drilling

Low profile discreet appearance


Wipe away any dirt or oil before installing
Ensure surface is completely dry before adhering 
For best hold, do not remove and re-stick straps
Check straps regularly to ensure secure adhesion
Store spare adhesive strips for future use
Contact us if you need help installing
With these adjustable safety locks, you can easily childproof your home in a few minutes!

Additional information

Weight 0.03 oz
Dimensions 53 × 112 × 16 in

2Pcs, 4Pcs


Gray, Green


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