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A hot stone massage is a great way to relax and unwind. The heat from the stones can help relieve muscle tension, aches, pains, and stiffness. It also helps to increase blood flow throughout the body, which helps to improve your circulation. This can lead to softer, healthier skin as well as improved overall health. The stones themselves feel great on the skin, especially when they’re placed in certain areas based on your body’s needs.










Large size about: 8 * 8cm, for back, waist and thighs
Medium size about: 8 * 6cm, for palms, arms, thighs, calves
Medium size approximately: 6 * 5cm, for palms, arms, thighs, calves
Small size about: 4 * 3cmm, used for face, eye palm and hand joints, foot meridian, ankle joint and other parts.





Moisturizing After doing the hot stone massage, you can apply some lotion with skin care, slimming and sculpting effect on the skin to further moisturize the skin, tighten the pores, tighten the skin, and make the skin appear smoother and softer bouncy.
Purification: Purifying Indians believe that this kind of spiritual stone will absorb the negative energy in the human body. Therefore, after the treatment, the stones need to be spread out to purify each other. After doing a complete hot stone therapy session, customers must remember to drink 1.5 times more water than usual to help eliminate metabolites released by metabolism in the body.





Increases flow, facilitating maximum blood for optimal body function.

Vaso- dilation of blood vessels causes and increased body blood flow; Providing fuel is important to maintain body function in overall efficiency.

Increases cell metabolism; Thus increasing the rate at which the body processes nutrients and toxins.
Increase lymph function, thereby increasing detoxification, purification and elimination.
Deep relaxation of the muscles, helps relieve stress and tension.
Creates a sense of balance and harmony.
Gives the client a deeper and longer lasting feeling of relaxation.





Useful tips when using stones:
Always use slightly wet and well-oiled stones (but not dripping)
Make sure the client of oily skin with the chosen oil with a client scent formula of skin type
Turn on the stones often during use so the heat is evenly distributed
Avoid pressing the stones together.
To remove stones from avoiding the oven with a metal spoon (the noise will distract your client from relaxation)
Always wash your stones and hands between customers.





After treatment:
Drink plenty of water.
Follow a healthy diet, light after treatment.
Avoid therapeutic heat of hot tubs directly after.
Allow a suitable period of time for the body to rest and rebalance.
Allow oils to soak into the body before the shower and your skin will love you for it.
There is standard treatment.




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