how to use the product

Smart Neck Massager

how to use the product

This product is easy to use and provides mild and high vibration via four heads. The best thing about the IPRee is that it is easy to start. Here is a complete guideline on how to start IPRee smart neck massager. 

Before use, it is better to apply aloe vera or body oil because this way you will feel the massage more effective and pleasant. 

  • Just press the start button one time.
  • Now turn on the heat button and press the heat button.
  • Select the heat level according to your need 
  • Press the mode button, select mode between messages, acupuncture, kneading,
  • Now press the power button plus + or minus – to adjust the strength level.
  • Now your IPRee is ready for the message.
  • Its 15 minutes auto-off massager will give you the best results

Who is this product best for?

The IPRee smart neck massager is best for all such as older adults, gamers, office going, bodybuilders and sportsperson

  1. Older adults

The IPRee is perfect for older adults. Because people above the age of 40 years usually feel pain in their neck, back, knee and shoulders. Because of their old age, they can’t go for therapy frequently. That’s why this amazing product is the best option for older adults. Additionally, it is easy to use a product that can lower their pain in a short time.

Moreover, it is easy to use because it has a single startup button, two small +, – buttons to increase strength level, and one button for selecting the desired mode. So older adults can easily start this product in a short time. And the best thing is that it has 15 minutes automatic off system, which is best for older people.

  • Gamers

Are you obsessed with gaming? Do you play pubg and call duty all day long? If yes, then playing games for 8hours long and participating in pubg tournaments can cause neck and shoulder pain.  This causes discomfort.

Free smart neck massager is basically manufactured for gamers. It relieves the neck and shoulder pain. If you massage it daily for 15 to 20 minutes, then you can get rid of your neck pain and win your pubg tournament easily. Then, you can play games with full enthusiasm and energy.

  • Bodybuilder

Are you a bodybuilder? People  go to the gym and work out there. They carry heavy weight dumbbells etc to make six-packs and enhance their muscles size. However, during such heavy exercises, you can feel neck and shoulder pain. This pain stops you from a workout, and you feel difficulty in achieving your goal. The IPREE smart neck massager is so beneficial in this regard. Thus, you can eliminate your neck and shoulder pain and focus on your goals by massaging with this product. By using it daily for 15 minutes can easily help you from getting rid of neck pain.

  • Athletes

 Are you an athlete? During high strain training, athletes may feel pain in their back and shoulders. So this product, IPRee smart neck massager, is very beneficial for athletes. They get relief from their pain by using this daily for 15 minutes.It is portable. Athletes can carry it with them everywhere they go. So athletes must try this product

  • Office going

Do you work in an office? And sit on a chair for 7 to 8 hours continuously? Do you work on a laptop? All these situations can cause pain in your body, especially in the neck. So a product known as IPRee smart neck massager is manufactured to relieve muscle pain.

: If you are suffering from neck pain, then you can easily get rid of it by using IPRee smart neck massager. All you have to do is to do massage for 15 minutes on a daily basis


Do You Want To Get Relief From Chronic Neck Pain? There Are Different Treatment Options Available, But The Best Thing Is Massage Therapy. There Is No Doubt Hundreds Of Neck Massagers Are Available In The Market, But The Eternal Question Is Which One To Choose?